Demo mode
You are browsing phpBBHS control panel in demo mode. Most functions are disabled, some data has been replaced with dummy data and you cannot edit anything.

This is a list of forum configuration (items from phpbb_config) variables to be replaced on forum load.
* {FORUM} will be replaced with forum name.
* {DIR} will be replaced with directory name for forum's cache.
* {DOMAIN} will be replaced with domain name.
* {EMAIL} will be replaced with email address used in forum registration.
* If you use "eval:" at start of variable or value, the rest of it will be evaluated. Examples:
eval:$var = hs_option('attachments') ? '' : 'allow_attachments';
eval:$value = hs_option('attachments') ? 0 : 1;
* All overwritten variables will be automatically removed from phpbb control panel. If you want variable to be listed in phpbb control panel even though its being overwritten, add it to $allow_vars array using "eval" php code for value, like this:
eval:$value = '1'; $allow_vars[] = $var;