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You are browsing phpBBHS control panel in demo mode. Most functions are disabled, some data has been replaced with dummy data and you cannot edit anything.

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IDHostUserDatabaseOptions/NotesForumsTest DefaultIn Rotation
0   demo0  demo0  (phpBBHS tables) 1Working (5.7.36-log)

* For demo mode all host names, logins and passwords have been replaced with variations of "demo".
* To edit database with id "0" edit file config.php
* New signups will use database marked as "default".
* Do not create two databases with same host and login, but different database names. Use different logins for different databases.
* Using persistent connections can require a bit of tuning of your Apache and mySQL configurations to ensure that you do not exceed the number of connections allowed by mySQL.
* "In rotation" column lists databases that are used in rotation for new registrations. New forums will be created in database selected in rotation that has lowest number of hosted forums. If rotation isn't set, new forums will be created in default database.
* When changing rotation, one forum will be registered in current default database before rotation starts working, so change default database too.

Delete forum tables that start with this prefix in all databases:

SQL Tables
Default tables list:acl_groups, acl_options, acl_roles, acl_roles_data, acl_users, attachments, banlist, bbcodes, bookmarks, bots, config, config_text, confirm, disallow, drafts, ext, extension_groups, extensions, forums, forums_access, forums_track, forums_watch, groups, icons, lang, log, login_attempts, migrations, moderator_cache, modules, notification_types, notifications, oauth_accounts, oauth_states, oauth_tokens, poll_options, poll_votes, posts, privmsgs, privmsgs_folder, privmsgs_rules, privmsgs_to, profile_fields, profile_fields_data, profile_fields_lang, profile_lang, ranks, reports, reports_reasons, search_results, search_wordlist, search_wordmatch, sessions, sessions_keys, sitelist, smilies, styles, teampage, topics, topics_posted, topics_track, topics_watch, user_group, user_notifications, users, warnings, words, zebra
* Edit includes/data.php if you need to remove a table from that list
Custom tables list:

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